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soI had a feeling,

of being in water,

through the stars,

I have been blessed,

many ways in the day,

yet it becomes,

a new thought,

by its very end.

a new fashion story

Beginning is the first step which every possible being takes to prove its existence. We are born, we exist and then we perish.

Nature of exploration and innovation have changed into a thing of past, the lines blurred. Where there was a concept of present, now is a concept of future entangled with its past. The new is old, where it is a combination of the civilisation and Stone Age principles.

The theory of the circular life with no start or endings.

Creation of a simpler object but with brilliance of hidden facets, a contrasting visual imagination of new as well as the old. An illogical imagination that can only be the next logical step.


Colours can give you so many things,
both staggering and beautiful,
Some are warm,
some cold,
But whatever their tendencies,
there is still an emotion attached,
that whatever you do,
is always there.

Sonali D.