Kehani – UI, Dissertation


The objective was to create UI/UX based design in order to represent Uttaranchal folktales so that they may interact better with their physical environment.

Stories are series of events. The stories we have been brought up with somehow create a perception that we have towards everything we do, we think about or which automatically happens.

A story can change decisions, form relations, create rifts, change moods and even at times, in life, give us a sense of purpose. Even rumors are short stories. The amazing thing is we, as humans, never stop creating stories, even subconsciously we are forming scenarios to follow.

These stories have changed, along with the way they are narrated, from puppetry to the digital world.


Mapping out research

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 8.07.38 am

Then after a month of searching, analyzing stories in Uttaranchal, a pattern began to emerge –
a combination of plots and characters.

Alongside, I was also studying children and their behavior.

After intensive study, there were five different kinds of UIs that could be created, which were, one major game telling a story, series of small games, visual storybook and Digital storytelling.

The Selected UI to be created:  Part 1 – An Application where people can read, write, publish and print their stories.


viewing, adding and editing pages of a new book.



Part 2 – Creating characters using editing tool in mobile phone.


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