Note – UI


Note – User Interface logo

 It was a small project that I decided to do as a personal project.
I designed this a year ago, started with a short online survey in various sources.
This part, secondary survey was easier, ferreting out the different ways that people
save notes to themselves.

The idea of a note becomes like small snippets of your life taken in by the note’s five senses.

The idea of a note was further studied in various scenarios, of how a person might want to use something like a note.

Finally the wireframes for the final product came out of – watching, hearing and writing by individuals showing a person’s life and their personalities.

Trial 1 had darker undertones with a more horizontal affiliations.


The idea is to create an easier way of using note for people who
constantly need to add notes and want to do it free of hassle.


Individual notes can have different fonts, you can write, draw using stylus, as well
as add clip arts for easier note addition, the way a person wants, however they want.



The colors for the previous version of note was too dark. So I decided to brighten the further
design, coming up with the following idea of a more fluorescent colors and a vertical design.


updated note logo

The idea is the accidentally folded edge of a note
that signifies subtle importance of the note itself.

Ice-cream colors were selected for emphasizing main note
and grey color for the buttons to define a difference in usage


01     02     03     04    05      06     07     08


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